the journey of an artist

the journey of an artist

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Around The Studio… A rainy afternoon

It is raining here in Florida. Overcast and 87 degrees, with rolling thunder and sporadic torrential downpours. It is an unusual afternoon in Florida when it is so dark that we have to have lights on in the house. 

I am torn. Part of me wants to roll up on the sofa and watch a Netflix marathon. Know the feeling? Another part of me hears a new painting calling from the studio, a bit like the plant Audrey II in the musical Little Shop Of Horrors ... "Paint me! PAINT ME NOW!!!!!" 

But, before I go play at the easel, I thought I would share this painting which sold this week.

Enjoy your holiday weekend!

oil on panel
8 x 8

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Antique Corona Typewriter II

Old typewriters hold such mystery. This one came from Lee Center, New York, in the Foot Hills of the Adirondacks. From the condition of the case and the hay stalks imbedded in the keys, I can only assume it had been stored in someone's barn for decades. With a compact, folding design made for traveling, the typewriter was probably someone's prize possession at one time. Possibly the first person of an Adirondack family to get a college education. Maybe taken in trade by a farmer in a deal with a writer just passing through the area. My imagination wanders.

oil on canvas
30 x 30 x .75

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Cherries in Green Cup

oil on canvas
12 x 16 x .75
$450 USD

Friday, June 10, 2016

The Art Life … Self Portrait

I hope you have had the chance to catch the TV series "Portrait Artist Of the Year, Sky Arts." If not, there is a short clip online:  click here to watch

If you are like me, you enjoy watching how artists create, and this unique program gives us a chance to see the portrait done in many styles and media. I enjoyed these shows so much that I have watched the recorded copies over and over, and learn something new at every viewing.

I cannot tell you the last time I did a painting of myself. Perhaps I have done maybe four in my lifetime, although one could argue that every painting is a bit of a self-portrait! Inspired by this show, I have recently made an attempt. Loved ones tell me it does look like me. Not satisfied, I think I will try another in the near future.

self portrait, 2016
16 x 12, oil on canvas

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Traveling to France right now is the painting "What Do You Think Of That?"

oil on canvas, 12x16x.75

Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Art Life … Painting Installation

Rarely does an artist have the chance to see exactly what happens to a piece that has been sold. So, what a delight it was for me this week to receive a photo of my "Pint of Strawberries" hanging in its new home in Snohomish, Washington!

20x20x.75, oil on canvas

A great addition to a gorgeous kitchen!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Art LIfe … Painting With Yarn

Recently, I have been talking via email to Jana Botkin, who does the most lovely California landscapes under the studio name "Cabinart," about our mutual love of knitting.  What a delight to find another visual artist who is addicted to the joys of yarn!

It is not unusual for creative people to express themselves in multiple media. There are many examples of writers who made visual art. Kurt Vonnegut, the author of "Slaughterhouse Five," made silk screen prints. Henry Miller and e. e. cummings painted. However, I have never met a visual artist, such as Jana, who loves knitting as I do.

I thought I would share with you and Jana a couple of my recent projects. The body of each is a classic bottom-up design with dropped shoulders, done on circular needles.

Northfield merino, baby alpaca, and silk yarn from Webs
Rose pattern from "Brocade Sweater," Drops Design
Pewter buttons

 Unlabeled cotton-wool blend yarn from my stash
Damask Flower and border patterns by Kaffe Fassett,  from his book "Glorious Knits"
Czech glass buttons