When "moments" began

It began with a silver bowl. 

One day several years ago, I was in the kitchen cooking when I happened to look down into the bowl of eggs. The silver sides of the bowl reflected both the eggs and the colors of the room, twisting them into intriguing shapes. So, I turned the bowl a bit, and the shapes morphed into another design. I was mesmerized.

I added a couple of eggs and moved the bowl across the room, and there was another painting to create.

Since then, I have put all kinds of things into that bowl. That humble bowl sent me on an investigation of reflections within all kinds of metal items, and then into painting the qualities of glass objects.

No, I don't remember what I was actually cooking with the eggs that day. I don't think we ever got around to eating those particular eggs. However, I do remember the reflections. 

Does that answer the chicken or the egg question?

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