Strawberries on Linen

It's been a while since I have had a chance to post. Although my very patient husband and I live in this multi-roomed art studio we call our home, sometimes real life breaks into my work. Three weeks ago, we had to have our only full grown tree cut down, one of the few plants that survived this past cold winter. Since then, we have been on a quest to plant, plant, plant... replacing the tree with a lovely magnolia and filling out my backyard "hidden garden" with a bottle brush tree, a gardenia tree, azaleas, bearded iris, desert roses, several bougainvilliea, and a yellow flowering "ice plant" I could only find by mail order.

And, two weeks ago, our cat Libby Vanilla Walkforth passed away suddenly, leaving a quiet, empty space in our home that we have not yet adjusted to.

Meanwhile, I have been working on several paintings at the same time, and none of them are completely finished to show you. But, this one is close, so I thought I would share.

I sometimes set up some new goals for myself when painting. The concepts I have been working on in this work are hard against soft and bright against neutral. The strawberries, almost glass-like with crisp reflections and sharp details, are on the rolling folds of a white cloth. The green leaves have almost a velvet look to them. I am very pleased with the result.

oil on canvas
16 x 20 x .75

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